About Natural Beauty

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My photographic journey has been adventurous and colorful, encompassing various subjects, from teaching Spanish to capturing the essence of natural beauty. In 1999, I stumbled upon the captivating West Coast festival culture, Burning Man, and my passion for photography took flight. Since then, I’ve authored three distinct photo books, each telling a unique story about natural beauty and culture.

The first in this trilogy, “Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture,” served as a vibrant tribute to the eclectic festival scene on the West Coast. I skillfully documented everything from music to fashion and the realm of creative expression, all through my lens.

My second endeavor, “Hot Springs District,” transported me to the artistic haven of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. There, amidst the inspiring hot springs and vibrant art scenes, I felt compelled to capture the essence of this community for a broader audience to appreciate.

The third book, “Tirta Gangga,” showcased the mesmerizing water palace in eastern Bali. With its rich cultural heritage, including ceremonies and captivating dance performances, I aimed to encapsulate every facet of Bali’s culture. Bali has been my home for several years, and its evergreen beauty and cultural richness always amaze me.

While my love for encapsulating diverse cultures through photography initially propelled me, my connection with Mother Nature led to my latest project, “Natural Beauty.” Through my camera lens, I set out to celebrate the profound natural beauty of women in their most raw and authentic environments. Beyond being a fine art nude photography book, “Natural Beauty” delves into more profound themes, embracing women’s journey towards sovereignty, expression, and choice.


Each model featured in this project is a remarkable individual who embarked on a personal journey to share their natural beauty on these pages. Collaborating with them has been a privilege, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help tell their stories.

“Natural Beauty” also includes a foreword by Ma Ananda Sarita, and twenty of the one hundred models contributed essays, with Maida Gragasin contributing the introduction and chapter essays. Working alongside these talented and passionate individuals who share my passion for capturing the quintessence of human beauty has been an honor.

More than just a medium for my artistic expression, “Natural Beauty” celebrates courage, transformation, and, most importantly, the profound beauty within each of us. I am deeply grateful to every model who entrusted me with their story and allowed me to capture their natural beauty through my lens.

To all the models who couldn’t be featured in the book due to space limitations, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your collaboration and trust. “Natural Beauty” serves as an inspiration, empowering others to embrace their own natural beauty and personal journey.