Before I was a professional photographer, I was a Spanish professor, and the Latino culture, music, and language were my passion. In 1999 I discovered the wild and colorful west coast festival culture as an amateur photographer. My first book was Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture (2009), a coffee table photo book. My second photo book is Hot Springs District (2012). It is about the funky art community and hot springs of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. My third book, Tirta Gangga (2016), is a photo expose of the beautiful water palace in eastern Bali and the ceremonies and dance performances that took place there. Tirta Gangga reflects my love of Bali and its culture. Bali is my home for much of the year.

This book project evolved from my love of Mother Nature. She has sustained me through dark times and has helped me see my shadows, blind spots, gifts, and talents. She also provided a welcoming and sacred space in which to create these images.

Natural Beauty celebrates the natural beauty of women in natural environments and our collective admiration and appreciation of the feminine nude form. It also celebrates how far women have come in the world regarding their sovereignty, expression, and choice.

Every one of these women is a beautiful and courageous individual that has undergone a journey to get to a place where she could share her natural beauty in these pages.

Ma Ananda Sarita wrote the Forward. Eighteen of the one hundred models wrote essays, including Maida Gragasin, who wrote the introduction and the chapter essays.

I feel deep gratitude for Natural Beauty. I thank all the models who collaborated with me on this project, including the many models I photographed who didn’t make it into this book due to the need to keep the final page count to a reasonable size. This book is not just a medium for my art. It is about these women’s stories of celebration, courage, and transformation.

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