Fine Art Nude Photography

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Mujeres Desnudas en la naturaleza

Escribiste un hermoso ensayo para mi libro Natural Beauty (Belleza Natural) acerca de su experiencia trabajando como modelo conmigo. Puedes elaborar en esta frase, “No me había dado cuenta, antes de esta sesión de fotos, que he estado reprimiendo gran parte de mi...

Melissa Chapman Interview

You wrote a beautiful essay for my book Natural Beauty about your experience working with me as a model. Can you elaborate on this sentence, “I had not realized that I had been suppressing so much of my sensuality for so long.”?  Sometimes it is when you get your...

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Fine Art Nude Photography

What you should now about Natural Beauty

Fine art nude photography is an expressive medium that allows us to capture and communicate ideas, emotions, and concepts through the human body. As an artist, I use the human form to emphasize its aesthetic qualities, rather than its sexual aspect. With our fine art nude portraits, we strive to create visual poetry that captures the beauty of the human form in natural settings.

I love photographing in outdoor environments, as it presents a unique and challenging opportunity to play with different lighting, compositions, and poses. Our models must feel comfortable and confident in their nudity, which is why we prioritize their comfort and consent throughout the process.

It’s also important to consider the context in which the photos will be viewed. Who will be seeing them, and how will they be shared? We must be mindful of sharing these images’ potential cultural or societal implications.

In our book, Natural Beauty, all models signed a model release. But we also wanted to ensure their verbal consent for the specific artistic nude images we considered for the book. It was essential for us to have an open and honest dialogue with our models to ensure their comfort, trust, and creative input throughout the process.

For us, fine art nude photography is about celebrating the natural beauty of the human body and creating a meaningful, artistic expression. Art can have a transformative power to bring people together and celebrate the diversity and beauty of the human form.

fine art nude photography

Kyer Wiltshire

nudes in nature book
Fine art photography book

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Art Nude Portraits in Nature

The Cover of Natural Beauty book

It’s absolutely exquisite. You really captured divine beauty, and grace. I love, how everyone of us, looks like a Goddess! Thank you, so much. ~ Lynisa

Art Nude Portraits in Nature

Fine Art Nude Photography

“Thank you so much for an amazing book, Kyer! My partner Luna and I explored it cover to cover and we’re in love with it! Such exquisite work, stunning, moving, heart-opening. Thank you!” ~Adam

Art Nude Portraits in Nature

Back Cover of Natural Beauty book

You have really outdone yourself! All the images take me to different places emotionally and spiritually. And the quality of the book and printing is outstanding! ~ Georgia

Yogi Times interview

Natural Beauty by photographer Kyer Wiltshire features breathtaking photographs combining the elements of nature with the feminine form. The stunning images reflect the diversity in nature.  There are deserts to forests, oceans to mountains. There are the elements of water, earth, air, and fire. 

Kyer co-created these nudes in nature with women from diverse backgrounds, representing five continents. The photos and personal stories of the women in this book reveal the deep connection between nature and the essence of the feminine soul. Nature has inspired me since childhood. He has intended to create a safe container for the women photographed to push their edges. In nature’s comforting hands, they are in a place of comfort.

We furthered this vision by co-creating different aspects of the natural landscape with a diverse group of women.  All of the women, except two, are not professional models. This inspiring must-have coffee table collection is divided into sections. The chapters are strength, wonder, connection, grace, and insight.

With Mother Nature as a partner, the images in this book offer free and full expression without restraint. There is a dance between the feminine body. The land reveals nature’s expansive essence in its many physical and elemental forms. 

There are short essays where the women share their journeys of embodiment and liberation.  They have moved on from trauma, insecurities, self-imposed limitations, or societal oppression. These nudes in nature shows how movement through challenge leads to transformation. It is the radiant natural beauty of being alive.

Yogi Times

Can nudity be artistic?

In art, nudity has been used as a subject matter and form of expression for centuries. Fine art nude photography or nude depictions in art can range from classical depictions of the human form. There are also modern and abstract interpretations. The use of nudity in art can serve to explore themes of the human condition. There is sexuality, beauty, and power, among others. It is up to the interpretation and perception of the viewer to determine whether a particular work of art featuring nudity is considered artistic.

What is the difference between pornography and fine art nude photography?

The difference between pornography and fine art nude photography lies in their intent and purpose. Pornography is created with the primary purpose of sexually arousing the viewer. Artistic nudes are intended to express ideas and emotions. They express creative concepts through the depiction of nudity. Artistic nudes can be aesthetically beautiful and thought-provoking. Pornography is focused solely on eliciting a sexual response. The distinction between the two forms can also depend on context. How are you presenting the work? What are the cultural and societal norms surrounding nudity and sexuality? In general, artistic nudes are evaluated based on their artistic merit. Pornography is not considered to have artistic value.

What type of art honors women?

No specific type of art honors women. Art is a form of expression encompassing many different styles, mediums, and themes. However, some works of art, specifically fine art nude photography, often celebrate women’s experiences, perspectives, and contributions. For example, feminist art often aims to challenge traditional gender roles and representations of women and may depict women in empowered, complex, or unconventional ways. Additionally, some artists create works that address specific issues faced by women. Examples such as gender-based violence or discrimination. These works can raise awareness, and empower women. They are an art that honors women.

What is the difference between empowerment and objectification?

Empowerment refers to granting someone power, strength, or confidence. It enables them to take control of their lives and make decisions for themselves. Empowerment can take many forms. It includes the personal, political, and economic. It is often associated with increasing the status and agency of marginalized or oppressed groups.
Objectification, on the other hand, refers to reducing a person to a mere object. It denies them agency and treats them as a means to an end. Objectification often involves viewing someone solely in terms of their physical appearance or sexual appeal. It ignores their individuality, thoughts, and feelings. This can result in a dehumanizing and demeaning experience for the person being objectified.
In the context of representation in art, empowerment refers to depictions that show women in a positive and empowering light.  It gives them agency and celebrates their strengths. In contrast, objectification refers to characterizations that reduce women to objects. They are there for the viewer’s pleasure or use, denying them agency and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

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